A Beginner’s Guide to Good Home Feng Shui [ Includes case study & tips]

A Beginner’s Guide to Good Home Feng Shui [ Includes case study & tips]

Since ancient time, people have studied and used the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics to guide them through daily life. Literally translated as “Wind [风] and Water [水]”, Feng Shui is one of the subjects that takes into consideration one’s environment to improve the various aspects in one’s life.

What is Qi?

Recognised as a metaphysical science, Feng Shui focuses largely on Qi – the core energy of all matters. Be it the living or non-living, energy pulses in our environment. Qi refers to the forces of nature. Similar to the wind, you might feel Qi or the impacts of Qi but you cannot see it. However, it does not mean that Qi does not exist. The flow of energy in your environment is essential, and depending on whether it is a Sheng Qi (positive energy) or Sha Qi (negative energy); it can create different impacts in your life.

Two Types of Qi

According to Master Adrian Lo, there are two main types of Qi, namely Sheng Qi and Sha Qi.

Sheng Qi refers to positive energy that is beneficial to one’s environment. The smooth flow of Sheng Qi in your environment shall benefit you in various life aspects such as your relationships, career, health and wealth. Have you ever wondered why some franchise cafés fare so much better than their counterparts? The quality of product is similar but their location and environment differ. In this case, human traffic amongst other factors is also considered as the flow of positive energies. Do you hesitate to enter a restaurant because it has few customers, opting instead for another that looks more crowded? Unknowingly (or intuitively), you have chosen an environment with greater Sheng Qi. Do bear in mind that the smooth flow of positive energy in your environment is essential to your well-being.

On the other hand, there is Sha Qi, something that we all would like to avoid. Sha Qi, literally translated as “Killing Energy”, is a form of negative energy that can be detrimental to one’s life. Depending on the degree of the Sha, it can affect your luck cycle – causing poor health or obstacles in your daily life. Such negative energy exists in multiple forms and it is best to avoid environment with Sha Qi. If you are unable to do so, it is important to find ways to counter the negative energy.

For example, if your balcony or any of your windows faces the sharp corner of another building in proximity, you might be exposed to what is commonly known as a Jiao Sha (negative energy from a sharp corner). While you will not be able to avoid this situation unless you shift home, you can deflect the Jiao Sha by placing a tall potted plant on your balcony.

Sha Qi may exist in both external and internal environment. The influence of Sha Qi from the external environment will be more serious, hence it is recommended to engage a professional Feng Shui consultant if you face problems due to Sha Qi.

Case Study – External Sha Qi

Your home might be facing a good direction and there is smooth flow of positive energy within your premises. However, you should note that it is easier to manage your internal environment as opposed to your external environment. While internal Sha may have smaller or no impact on you and your family, external Sha is something that you should take extra caution.

In a recent audit session, Master Adrian Lo noticed construction works going on near his client’s new home. Mr. Gino Chong and his family have recently shifted into their new premises. Unfortunately, both parents and children have started falling sick since the start of the construction works. Master Adrian Lo advised that this is due to external Sha Qi, and gave them an easy yet effective solution to ward off the negative energy.

You should stay mindful of the health of your household if there are construction works going on near your home. Construction works presents multiple Sha, including Yin Sha (negative noises). Depending on your proximity to the site, there are different measures that one can take to minimise the negative impacts.

Managing Qi through Feng Shui Measures

A home is identified to have different areas with varying energies. Depending on the type and flow of Qi, each area is deemed to be suitable for different purposes. Based on the Nine Palace Flying Stars theory, the different groups of stars – namely the Permanent, Yearly, Monthly, etc. – can influence the Qi in your home. While some stars pose temporary or minimal impacts, others may induce greater influence. Your Qi at home will also be affected by these flying stars of varying characteristics, which can be beneficial or harmful to one’s well-being. Hence, there is a need to manage it.

If Qi cannot be seen, how does one manage it? Although we cannot see Qi, we can detect Qi when it moves. This flow of energy can be identified by the magnetic compass, which is also known as Luopan.

As mentioned earlier, the flow of Sheng Qi in one’s environment is beneficial whereas Sha Qi should be avoided if possible. The presence of Sha Qi in or around a home environment will result in negative impacts such as poor luck, family disharmony, and frustrations in daily life; ensuing career, health and wealth issues. These are problems that people face in their daily lives and this is one of the reasons that leads them to seek Feng Shui consultation.

Importance of Annual Assessment

The Yearly Flying Stars will change position annually and this tends to affect the Feng Shui within each property. A flying star with positive influence denotes favourable Qi. If you know how to tap on this positive energy, you can look forward to smooth progress in everything that you do for that particular year. Conversely, if your living quarters happen to coincide with negative flying stars, which denote unfavourable Qi, it is essential to deal with the situation before adverse consequences arises. Otherwise, you may find that year to be extremely difficult.

As such, an annual home Feng Shui assessment is recommended. Similar to your yearly medical check-up, an annual house assessment is essential to improve and maintain the quality of your life and those of your family.

Three Important Areas of Home Feng Shui

When assessing Home Feng Shui, there are three most important areas to consider, namely the main entrance, kitchen and bedroom.

  1. Main Entrance

The main entrance is akin to the “mouth” of your home and this is where Qi would enter into your home or office.

According to Master Adrian Lo, selecting an apartment or house with the main entrance facing an auspicious direction without blockages would promise the inflow of positive energies. As such, the home occupants can look forward to greater wealth and opportunities in life. However, there are times when the main entrance encounters certain Sha from your external environment. In these scenarios, appropriate action should be taken to avoid negative impacts. As the influence of external Sha Qi tends to be more serious, it is best to engage a professional Feng Shui consultant.

  1. Kitchen

Besides being a cooking place, the kitchen is an area that links directly to the health and harmony of your family. The stove represents the health of female owner, and should always be kept clean and tidy. Otherwise, the female owner may fall ill easily. One should also be mindful of which direction your stove faces. For example, a stove that faces the toilet is not ideal, as the toilet is where one excretes and denotes poor energy. In such scenario, the health of the female owner will be compromised.

  1. Bedroom

The bedroom is an important area whereby one spends the most of his/her time at home. This is also a space for intimate moments, hence the need to ensure the presence of Sheng Qi here. Otherwise, negative energy in this area may lead to disharmony and poor marital ties that will inevitably affect other aspects of your life.

The direction where your bed faces (specifically where your head points while sleeping) is of utmost importance. Master Adrian Lo advised that facing an auspicious direction can lead to a boost in wealth luck, harmony and even fertility! Nevertheless, there are many factors to consider besides the auspicious direction such as the Bazi (birth details) of the home occupants, the position of Flying Stars, etc. For example, although Northeast is considered to be the most auspicious direction in Period Eight (year 2004 – 2023), it may not be the only ideal direction for your bed to face.

One thing to note, it is not recommended to position your bed directly under the beam. Also, headboard should have a solid backing support. For the smooth flow of Qi, it is best to keep the bedroom uncluttered and tidy.

Impacts of Home Feng Shui: Common Scenarios & Effective Tips

Master Adrian Lo emphasizes on the importance of selecting an ideal home right from the beginning. Doing so can help you to save a lot of money, which you may need to spend in the future to rectify problems if the selected premises turns out to be unsuitable. Can you imagine how frustrated and disappointing it would be if problems started cropping up after you moved into your new home? Impacts of poor home Feng Shui include problems relating to health, career, relationships, wealth, etc. Below are some common scenarios and effective tips.

[Health] Why do family members constantly fall ill in a new house?

This could be due to various reasons. If your home is a new development, renovation works in the units around your home may present negative energies that cause you and your family to constantly fall ill. Stagnant or poor flow of Qi within your home can also easily induce health issues. To avoid such situations, display some air purifying plants in your living room and always keep your home ventilated. It is also essential to maintain tidiness.

Be mindful of the amount of natural light and colours that you choose to decorate your home. Instead of following current home design trends, which does not consider functionality, do bear in mind that good Feng Shui can make a difference in your life. As such, it is important to seek advice from a professional Feng Shui practitioner.

 [Relationships] Why are there so many quarrels and family disputes after shifting into a new house?

Family disharmony can affect various aspects of your life such as career, wealth, studies, etc. In worst-case scenarios, the constant arguments lead to divorce between a couple that used to be crazily in love with each other.

Unfortunately, this could be due to the presence of a quarrelsome star residing in the main entrance or bedroom. This unlucky star may have triggered the negative Qi, which in turn leads to frustration and quarrels. In such situation, the home occupants may also face problems in his/her social life and workplace.

In such situations, the colour red may be used to resolve the negative Qi. For example, one can consider hanging a painting with a red theme or placing a red carpet in your home. Nevertheless, one has to use the colour red cautiously, to avoid triggering other inauspicious Flying Stars that may bring on further negative Qi. As the Flying Stars changes position yearly, it is best to consult a professional Feng Shui Master for advice.

[Career] Why is it so difficult to get a job whereas peers with the same credentials can easily get one?

Aside from having capability and the right network, there are intangible factors that can attribute to the success or failure of your job search such as the energy in the environment that you are residing in.

Did you know that having a toilet above or next to your bedroom denotes negative influences that will cause great obstacles to your career life? Hence, you should reposition your bed if it happens to be directly under a toilet or next to a toilet and separated by a mere wall.

To improve your career luck and attract more opportunities, you may activate your career corner through various Feng Shui measures.

[Education] How can my child achieve better results through Feng Shui?

At times, your child may seem listless and easily distracted. To improve concentration and motivation to study, do consider adjusting the study desk to face the direction where the Wen Chang area is. Alternatively, you may place a Wen Chang emblem on the study table. Wen Chang is known for its academic prowess, and one can excel under its positive influence.

Also, white light instead of fluorescent light should be used in the study room.

Home Feng Shui for a Flourishing Life

Feng Shui is not only for those who have problems in their lives. Perhaps you are already staying in a stable environment with smooth flow of positive energy. Maybe your life is going well. However, one should keep in mind that there are always ups and downs, and even if you are not facing any major challenges, it is good to maintain and improve upon your life.

Do not overlook the importance of Feng Shui! Living in a positive environment shall promise smoother progress in your daily life. Contrary to misconceptions about Feng Shui being unrealistic renovation plans and expensive ornaments, geomancy is an art of science that seeks to create harmony and balance in your environment, thereby leading one to a flourishing life.

Having good Feng Shui at home can bring various benefits to your life such as family harmony, prosperity, good health, smooth career and academic performance, etc.

Consult a professional Feng Shui practitioner today and take your first step towards a flourishing life.

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