Introduction to Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy

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Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultation Services was established in 2004 and is since providing quality consultation services to our esteemed clientele. Originally founded by the Master Adrian Lo, who is renowned for his excellent traditional and contemporary skills in geomancy with more than 10 years of professional experience.

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy offers not only novel and efficient “Feng Shui” consultancy services, but we also provide realistic and perfect views and ideas. Master Adrian Lo is well experienced in promoting and directing constructive and auspicious “Qi” towards your home and workplace to enhance your relationships, both personally and professionally.

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy values our diverse clientele list and thus provides only the best and most efficient consultation services using our extensive experience and complete knowledge in ““Feng Shui””

Our Objectives

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We aim at providing:

  • Rapid, Trustworthy and Cost Effective “Feng Shui” Consultancy Services.
  • Qualified and Professional “Feng Shui” Services for different aspects of life, i.e professional and personal.
  • The correct learning and understanding about “Feng Shui” and dispelling the belief that it is a superstitious and irrational religion.
  • Priority to the people who needs us and assisting them at our best.

Master Adrian Lo

Master Adrian Lo is one of the most qualified and professional consultants in this arena. He always had a great interest in metaphysics since young, and therefore has done a great deal of research in this field, followed by professional practicing for several years. Through his dedication and experience, he has subsequently acquired a wealth of knowledge and aptitude in this area of metaphysics.

Furthermore, his in-depth studies and researches have enabled him to delve into distinct divisions such as Yi Jing (易经), Ba Zai (八宅), Xuan Kong Fei Xin (玄空飞星), Zi Pin Ba Zhi (子平八字) and etc, thereby established a solid foundation in his area of expertise. Additionally, he has also understudied under a renowned Hong Kong master in order to further develop his skills and knowledge, while at the same time continued with self-studies to perfect his craft.

Adding another impressive line to his already remarkable résumé, Master Adrian also had experience as an editor in various movie and film productions. Prior to starting his career in metaphysics, Master Adrian had worked as a professional photographer for about ten years, which had earned himself two prestigious photography awards. However, Master Adrian decided to have a switch in his professional career from the successful and established photography business to “Feng Shui”. Thereafter, he founded Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultation Services. Many of Master’s patrons have been successful in attaining good luck along with shunning impending misfortunes, as a result of his effective consultations and ideas.

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Why Choose Us And What Are The Services We Provide?

Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy Services provides Professional “Feng Shui” consultation services at your doorstep. Our services include:

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  • “Feng Shui” Consultation to Commercial and Business clients. (Offices and Shops in all markets and industries.)
  • “Feng Shui” Consultation to Residential Clients. (Apartments, Flats, Condos and building and restoration of terrain assets.)
  • I-Ching “Feng Shui” Consultation.
  • Best Selection for HDB Built-to-Order Scheme through “Feng Shui”.
  • Best Selection of Site and Property using “Feng Shui” Consultation.
  • Bazi inspection and discussion.
  • Most promising selection of wedding date.
  • Most favorable selection of date for relocation.
  • Naming Baby through studying Bazi.
  • Analysis of Bazi for Baby C-section.
  • Changing and selecting best Chinese name.

More details regarding our services can be found on the services tab of our website, or you can also contact us for further discussions.

“Feng Shui” Master Adrian Lo’s Attributes

Master Adrian Lo is well-known for his sincere and professional behaviour. For many years his clients have been approaching him for their various personal and professional concerns and thus receiving sound advices and recommendations. Most of his clients are satisfied with his services and have therefore referred Ju Xuan Geomancy Consultancy to their friends and relatives. Master Adrian is regarded as a friendly, assisting, accessible and communicable Professional by most of his clients.

Professional Behaviour

  • Master Adrian Lo always understands and prioritise his client’s interests.
  • He is highly communicable and thus engages easily in lively discussions with customers from various backgrounds.
  • He is very careful and meticulous while advising and recommending.
  • He is always ready to answer all queries and also provides reports in both verbal and written formats to ensure easy follow-up.

Sincere Attributes

  • Serene and careful in understanding and answering customer’s queries.
  • Personal advices.
  • Conscientious behaviour towards all clients.
  • Realistic and Practical advices.
  • Dedicated and Honest in all endeavours.
  • Customer-focused.

Our strengths

  • We harness with our clients and build relations.
  • Personalised services at your doorstep.
  • Most of our clients are referred to us by our other satisfied clients.
  • Effective, Trustworthy, Affordable, Easy, Tranquil, Modest, Accessible and Pragmatic are our most common attributes noted by our clients.
  • Kind and humble testimonials from our returning clients.