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Caesarean Birth (C-section Birth) Date Selection择日生子


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Caesarean Birth (C-section Birth) Date Selection

An auspicious birthing date means that a child is delivered on a day, month, year, and hour that result in a fortunate and meaningful life for the child.  This is possible only when one desires or advised by your gynaecologist to go for caesarean birth. The choice of a good caesarean date is limited by the year and month, which are predetermined. Thus the choice of selecting a Good day and time to be unison with the Year and Month is very importance.

To determine an auspicious birth date, the Life Maps of the parents are calculated, revealing the child energy that is compatible to them, and dates that support this energy. An auspicious birth date will support the child in his/her life and bring good fortune to his/her parents. The auspicious time and date range for birthing can be coordinated with the anticipated due date and the doctor’s schedule.

In a consultation, services include: 

During the meet up, Master Adrian Lo will present all the possible dates and time for caesarean explaining the pros and cons and differences among the selected dates in terms of the baby’s character, career, wealth, marriage and health for your consideration.  These dates takes into consideration the doctor’s recommended dates and the baby’s gender.  Therefore, we would advise parents to discuss or seek doctor’s cooperation to work around these dates for the caesarean operation.  Should the baby, under any circumstances, be born before or after the selected date, it is beyond our responsibility.

A Birth Date selection for Cesarean Birth involves tremendous amount of work as each day Bazi have endless possibilities. We can only assist during the 10-Day period, which you decide to give birth.  Ideally, we want to select a birth date and time for the child to be good in everything.  However, ultimately, it has to depend if there is any good dates during that designated month; also to own the selected auspicious Bazi Chart, it will depend on the child’s destiny and heaven’s will.

During registration, please provide:

(1) Baby Expected Due Date

(2) Gender of Baby

(3) Birth Date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s parents

(4) Birth Date, Chinese and English name of the baby’s sibling (s) – if any

(5) Doctor’s recommended dates for the caesarean operation (one designated week)

A copy of the personal particular form will be sent to you upon confirmation of engagement.

What can you expect?

Recommended Date and Time in 5 – 10 days

An appointment will be arranged with Master Adrian Lo in approximately 5 – 10 days from date of registration.

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