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Overseas Onsite Property Selection亲临海外风水住宅


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Purchasing a new property is a huge and long-term investment.  Site selection is an important first step to any property development if you want to tap into the land’s positive Qi and determine its compatibility with you and its other occupants. It is important to get it right in the first place, as a well-planned property layout and design right from the beginning is essential and will avoid any costly renovations or modifications later.Our services include onsite selection of new or resale properties such as houses, HDB flats, apartments and condominiums.

It includes determining:

  •  Whether a particular place or plot of land is compatible with you;
  •  Whether your property is located in an area with good Feng Shui and faces a good direction and supported by proper external landforms;
  •  Whether your property receives auspicious Qi at the main door that will bring luck to the occupants
  •  Whether the property has any Sha Qi that might bring long term problems to you Onsite property selection is not a full Feng Shui internal audit of the property. This is to provide you with useful and relevant information so as to assist you in making the right choice when purchasing a new property.

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