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Wedding Dates Selection

Wedding Dates Selection- The Right Timing Is Everything! Date selection is an inseparable factor of Feng Shui practices. This ancient art of timing perfection can help in enhancing the success of our important endeavours. Energy or Qi fluctuates with time. There are numerous cycles with various types of Qi that enable us to do predictions of future conditions. The purpose of date selection is to choose the best type of Qi according to the activities one will carry out, to maximise favourable outcomes.  Most importantly, date selection process enables us to choose the timing where the activity is in harmony with our immediate surroundings and resonate the best with our own personal Qi to yield the best result. There are a few selected important activities that are recommended to use date selection to perform them and one of them is the selection of wedding dates. Wedding is one of the most important moments in one’s life that calls for the right Qi. There are two key elements for wedding date selection criteria: the quality of Qi on the day itself, and the compatibility with the bride and groom’s Qi. Selecting an auspicious wedding date helps to ensure a good start and also ensure longevity in a relationship. The following are some of the key events relating to wedding preparation that one should consider selecting the best timing to carry out.

  •  Registry of Marriage (ROM)
  •  Exchange Wedding Gifts/Betrothal Ceremony (过大礼)
  •  Setting of Bed Ceremony (安床)
  •  Customary Wedding Day

During registration, please provide:

    • Date, time and country of birth of the couple
    • Year of birth and Chinese zodiac sign of the couple’s parents
    • Scheduled year and month for the wedding
    • Preferred day for the wedding (weekday, weekend or public holiday)
    • Full payment of consultation fees upon confirmation of engagement

A copy of the personal particular form will be sent to you upon confirmation of engagement.

What makes us different from the rest?

Master Adrian Lo will suggest to the couple to go ahead to search for their dream-wedding venue and check the availability of the dates during that preferred year and month with the hotel first.  In the event if the preferred day for the wedding is available, they will tentatively secure the popular wedding dates with the hotel first and then come back to us to reconfirm if these dates are auspicious or suitable for the couple.  By doing so, the couple will save the extra cost of having to pay for another set of date should the given date is not available.  It also saves them the hassle of having to go around searching for their dream-wedding venue and hotel.

What You Can Expect?

Recommended Wedding Date in 5 – 10 days.

The recommended auspicious date and time will be sent to you via email in approximately 5 – 10 days.   No meeting is required. Consultation can be done either online via Skype / Telephone.  Special arrangement with house call at your premises can be arranged with additional fees.

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