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by Angeline & Benoit on JuXuan Feng Shui Singapore

" In 2016, during the economy slumping trend I was unfortunately let go from my company. I was fearful, lost and of course angry back then. It did not take me long to think about seeking Master Lo for his advice and help as I had engaged him before for his Bazi services to which, I found it accurate.

Upon my engagement, he advised me based on the analysis that he had eciphered and given suggestions on the solution while keeping my situation in check. He advised what is needed and the best suited remedy without at all pushing for the unnecessary expenses or instilling fears.

From what I had encountered, Master Lo does not treat clients as clients but rather as people whom he genuinely wants to help. Not only focusing on the remedy, he too shared experiences to remind me to take care of my health and mental well-being. I kept his advices in mind and remain positive.

Within 2 months after the consultation and remedy, I starts to have calls for interview and in the right time period that he had advised, I have gotten a job in a good industry.

For this, I am grateful and appreciate not only his given remedy but the many more advices, encouragements and generous time given outside his consultation sessions by him and Ryoko (his personal aide). Both him and Ryoko are totally helpful with any other enquires that I had after the consultation session.

I am blessed to gotten to know Master Lo and Ryoko. Definitely the Master to go to if you are into one who genuinely wants to help people and wants someone reliable for long term engagements.I know I am”

Best Regards,
Eight Courtyards

by Desmond & Elyn on JuXuan Feng Shui Singapore

"My wife and I have been having a series of health issues and career issues since a few years back. Worst of all, I am having headache problem that doctors are unable to diagnose.

After we engaged Master Lo's service, he told us that the cause of it was the fengshui of our home. He advised us to put some fengshui remedy in certain sectors of our house to resolve the issues we are facing.

After around one month, I realised my headache problem was resolved. Master Lo is one of the few masters in Singapore that you can count on.

He is always sincere in his services to you and always puts on a good listening ears. He is down to earth and always trying his best to solve the problems you are facing.

I strongly recommend him to anyone who requires a great fengshui master's help. "

Thanks and regards,
Desmond & Elyn

by Benson & Chervelle from Punggol on JuXuan Feng Shui Singapore

We engaged Master Lo in year 2013 to do our Bazi reading and we found it amazingly accurate. We were further convinced as he told us that we actually do not need to do ‘annual reviews’ as compared to what other fengshui masters are doing. He explained that we only need to do Bazi reading once in our life which sounds logical and this adds on to our trust in him. He fed us with plenty of priceless guidance which makes us feel that he is very genuine and helpful.

Hence, we went on to engage him for our baby‘s caesarean date and name selection, as well as house audit. He has done a superb job for our house fengshui as everything went smooth for us and we even stroked 4D within 2 months after we moved in. Master Lo is more like a friend to us now and despite his busy schedule, he is very meticulous and often gives us very good advices. We have recommended him to many of our friends and they are all impressed and satisfied customers of his.

- Benson & Chervelle from Punggol

Life Saver of my life

Hi Adrian,

I wish to thank Adrian for his valuable guidance and advice on our Ba Zi and also for the FengShui consultation for our house.

We feel relieved after consulting him. We are truly grateful to have came in touch and consulted him few years ago.
Now, there’s an improvement in the harmony at our home and our incomes are also stable. We will continue to support him.

Irene Lim

Highly Rate For Master Adrain

Dear Master Lo,

This is Prema from Woodlands drive 14. Hope you are doing fine.
The last time I wrote to you was to tell you that I did not get a job I was interviewed for. But now the same company has offered me another job

Review for Master Adrian

“I had trouble selling my condo for almost a year. Buyer after buyer came to view but there was either no offers or the offers didn't eventually materialise.

My mum read online about a very good fengshui master and recommended I contact him. When I called to share my problem, Master Lo was very patience and understanding.

But what impressed me was that he told me upfront that if he dropped by my place, he would have to charge me; and so he taught me how to buy a copper flying horse to help me with the sale of my house. He is a very thoughtful fengshui master who was not focused on making money, but rather on truly helping me settle my problem and save me money.

When I went around to buy the copper flying horse, a number of shop owners commented that they never heard of such methods for selling of houses. Nevertheless, I stood by Master Lo's recommendation as I believed in him.

True enough, within a month, my house was sold!!! I am so blessed and thankful to have gotten to know about Master Lo! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

-- Celia Au

by Christine Chong on JuXuan Feng Shui Singapore
No Hesitation In Recommending

Being a single-parent, I’m always worried about financial issues ..especially medical expenses and daughter’s studies
After engaging Adrian‘s feng shui advices, my daughter began to perform well in her studies, receiving good results & awards from school. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, our health also improved tremendously.
Adrian was very detailed,approachable and sincere. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services

Thank you very much, Adrian

Christine Chong
Bishan St.13

by Mrs Catherine Ng on JuXuan Feng Shui Singapore
Master Adrain change my life

Hi Adrian,

If you can remember me, you advice on my home‘s Feng Shui in 2010. I am so happy to inform you that good things keep happening at home.

My husband has received two promotions since then. Last year, both my daughter and son were selected as model pupils of their school. My son’s performed very well in this final exam last year and got progressed to the top class this year. Last week, he came home and told me that he has been appointed the class monitor.

I want to thank you again for all your Feng Shui advices in adding great enhancement to our life.

Best Regards,
Mrs Catherine Ng

I’m Very Impressed And Inspired

Pleasant and very friendly Geomancer
Deliver quality reliable information
Intelligent in his geomancy
Personal Attention
Passionate towards his work

Adrian has a unique ability “I‘m very impressed and inspired with Adrian Feng Shui (風水) and Ba Zhi (八字). He’s professional, intelligent, intuitive, and has a great work ethic.
Not to mention that I‘ve learned so much from him and now find myself thinking in terms of Feng Shui and Ba gua more seriously than ever.

For home Feng Shui, knowing the many changes will make difficulties for the home owner he gave lots of ideas to make positive changes with lesser movement in the home. He did a complete assessment of our home and also gave some suggestions for inside the house, and already there is a different, more peaceful and positive energy in our lives and in particular our “wealth” of human and financial resources.

Another good example will be my wife who loves to play mahjong (is $1/$2 shooter-pay) and she has not been in good luck for a long time (like winning in a streak of more than 8 times in a row) since last year. Adrian explained to her the reason why and how to prevent it thru (風水) and Ba Zhi (八字) and you will not believe that the changes did help and her luck turn for the better now.

For myself, my business has been inclining progressing and more jobs have been accepted and more referral has been recommended from my current clients.

On top of that, a very important thing that I must include here is that Adrian helps me to prevent my “money loss”. My money always seem not able to stay in my hand or bank account for more than a few months and something will happened (car/motorbike spoilt, sick, home appliances not working and etc) and the money will be lost. After seeing Adrian, I understand more of the reasons why and since then it has been preventing it. I must say till date, I can see the changes.

To me, Adrian is an extremely different Geomancy Master. He is modern and understanding and therefore he will not do unnecessary changes. It is very nice to talk to Adrian too as he is a very friendly person in nature, accommodating, easy to work with, and genuinely interested in the success of his clients.“ Like what he always said to me: ”My success is equivalent to his professionalism success“.

Adrian, Thank you so much for your help. It is my destiny to meet you and enlightened by you in many areas in life changes.

James Lee
Training Manager @ Fitnesstwo.com