Wedding Date Selection

Wedding Date Selection

Wedding Date

The Right Timing Is Everything! Date selection is an inseparable factor of Feng Shui practices. This ancient art of timing perfection can help in enhancing the success of our important endeavours.

Wedding is one of the most important moments in one’s life. Selecting an auspicious wedding date helps to ensure a good start and also ensure longevity in a relationship. The following are some of the key events relating to wedding preparation that one should consider selecting the best timing to carry out.

  • Registry of Marriage (ROM)
  • Exchange Wedding Gifts/Betrothal Ceremony (过大礼)
  • Setting of Bed Ceremony (安床)
  • Customary Wedding Day


Personalized Date

We do not use Tong Shu to select the date as it is too general. Instead, we based on the Bazi Destiny Chart of the couples and take into the account the zodiac signs of the parents.

In depth analysis

We will do an in depth analysis and select best date and timing that will bring smooth running of event.

Flexibility to plan ahead

We are able to calculate the date for ANY year, month and day. This is useful as it allows couples to plan in advance and secure a good date and venue ahead of other couples.

Better deal

Our package is one of the most value for money. There will be no additional charge for reselection of dates if the given dates are not available at your preferred venue.  What’s more, you get a free gift worth $28 sponsored by valued partner Kekhoon shop.
(valid for 1 year from appointment date)


Recommended Wedding Date in 5 – 10 days.

The recommended auspicious date and time will be sent to you via email in approximately 5 – 10 days. Once you received the report, you can either choose to do the consultation via Skype / Telephone or meet up with our Consultant or Master.

Our Wedding Dates Selection package includes:

– Selection of your ROM date (Bonus)

– Selection of your Guo Da Li date (Bonus)

– Setting of Bed Ceremony (安床)date (Bonus)

– Selection of your Customary Wedding date

– All the above dates will be prepared in a user friendly report format.

– A guide on how to carry out the process of Guo Da Li, An Chuang, Dowry and fetching the bride.

– A tea set sponsored by Kehoon, the specialized shop that sell Traditional Chinese Wedding products
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During registration, please provide:

  • Date, time and country of birth of the couple
  • Year of birth and Chinese zodiac sign of the couple’s parents
  • Scheduled year and month for the wedding
  • Preferred day for the wedding (weekday, weekend or public holiday)
  • Full payment of consultation fees upon confirmation of engagement

A copy of the personal particular form will be sent to you upon confirmation of engagement.

After Sales Support

If you have any question after receiving the report, you are always welcome to drop us an email or call our friendly Consultant for advice

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